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Laser-Dark Color Transfer Paper (TWL-300R)

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Laser- Dark color transfer paper(TWL-300R) can be painted by OKI C5600, Konica Minolta C221 and Fine-Cut by desk cutting plotter such as Silhouette CAMEO, Circut etc. and then transferred onto dark or light colored cotton fabric, cotton/polyester blend, 100%polyester, cotton/spandex blend, cotton/nylon etc by a regular household iron or heat press machine. Decorate fabric with photos in minutes, after transferring, get great durability with image retaining color, wash-after-wash.

Product Name: TWL-300R

Product Name: Laser-Dark Color Transfer Paper

Specifications: A4 (210mm X 297mm) - 20 sheets/bag,
                        A3 ( 
297mm X 420mm) - 20 sheets/bag
                        A(8.5''X11'')- 20 sheets/bag, 
                        B(11''X17'') - 20 sheets/bag, 
other specifications are requirement.

Printers Compatibility: OKI C5600n, Konica Minolta C221



















1. General Description

   Laser- Dark color transfer paper(TWL-300R) can be painted by OKI C5600, Konica Minolta C221 and Fine-Cut by desk cutting plotter such as Silhouette CAMEO, Circut etc. and then transferred onto dark or light colored cotton fabric, cotton/polyester blend, 100%polyester, cotton/spandex blend, cotton/nylon etc by a regular household iron or heat press machine. Decorate fabric with photos in minutes, after transferring, get great durability with image retaining color, wash-after-wash.

2. Application

   Dark color laser transfer paper is ideal for customizing dark, or light colored T-shirts, aprons, gift bags, mouse pads, photographs on quilts and more. 

3. Advantages
■  It can feed paper continuously and realize rapid batch printing.
■  Customize fabric with favorite photos and color graphics.
■  Designed for vivid results on dark, light-colored cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabrics
■  Ideal for personalizing T-shirts, canvas bags, aprons, gift bags, mouse pads, photographs on quilts etc.
■  Iron on with a regular household iron & heat press machines. 
■  Great durability with image retaining color, wash-after-wash.


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