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Laser-Light color transfer paper (TL-150M)

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Light color laser  transfer paper can be transferred to cotton, polyester-cotton (cotton >60%) fabric by laser color copying machine, laser printer etc., due to the speciality of the product, printed transfer paper No cutting is required, and parts with images can be transferred onto the fabric, and parts without images are not transferred. Particularly suitable for transfer of very complex images.      

Product Code: TL-150M

Product Name: Laser-Light color transfer paper

Specifications: A4 (210mm X 297mm) - 20 sheets / bag, A3 ( 297mm X 420mm) - 20 sheets /bag
                        A (8.5''X11'') - 20 sheets / bag, B (11''X17'') - 20 sheets/bag.


        Light color laser  transfer paper can be transferred to cotton, polyester-cotton (cotton >60%) fabric by laser color copying machine, laser printer etc., due to the speciality of the product, printed transfer paper No cutting is required, and parts with images can be transferred onto the fabric, and parts without images are not transferred. Particularly suitable for transfer of very complex images.      


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