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2017 Jinjiang International Screen Printing and Digital Printing Exhibition

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Exhibition Name: 2017 Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang International Screen Printing and Digital Printing Exhibition 2017 Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exhibiti

Exhibition Name:
2017 Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang International Screen Printing and Digital Printing Exhibition

2017 Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exhibition

Time:    September 20-22, 2017
Venue: Jinjiang SM International Exhibition Center

    Fuzhou Alizarin Co., Ltd. is not only an innovative manufacturer of digital heat transfer paper, but also an agent of Roland VS series of print & cut plotter. Our company has 4 booths, We will show our latest Eco-solvent printable PU Flex for Roland print and cut.

The Roland print and cut plotter will be show on display, please visit:

For more about the Eco-solvent printable PU Flex and Roland printers, Please contact: Miss Wang  Mobile: 15859161188   QQ: 2970125709




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